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12/11/16 Update

Been super busy but I’m excited to be making some drastic changes to this blog this week. Stay tuned guys!


Who I write this for

When I was growing up, blogging and writing on the internet was still relatively new, if not unheard of yet. Bold and Determined, Good Looking Loser, Masculine Style, Maverick Traveler, KrauserPUA – all those blogs weren’t even created, much less the men they had become yet. RSD, SimplePickup, RooshV were all a fraction of who they are today and most of them hadn’t taken off and gained popularity. (Not until 2009-2011)

I didn’t have an older brother so I didn’t have advice I could rely on that was relate-able. (My dad had been out of my life and I didn’t have the insight to make older friends that could help me.)

Everything I created in my life was largely from trial and error experience or simply networking to find the right guys to help me out.I read books/watched films on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Lee that inspired me and I’m so grateful for that. I replaced shitty friends with ones who had a passion for living. I changed study habits that changed me from a D+/C- student to a A student.

Piece by piece, I slowly figured things out over the years – which is awesome. I truly believe the struggle defines who you are.

Now because of this, my younger brother doesn’t have to go through this because I can simply give him a walk-through on what to do. Not saying that I know everything, but I’ll probably have some tips that can help since chances are, I’ve been through it. Same lifestyle, similar situations.

But for many people out there, they might not have an older brother, or even any siblings at all but are looking to find someone to guide them through certain things. I may not be there personally, but I do hope a lot of my writings and past experiences can help them get through something they’re struggling with. And these guys are the ones who I write for.

Living in the Past (Part 1)

I used to spend a lot of my free time frequenting the PUA forums and Red Pill/self-improvement subreddits and still look at them from time to time. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of guys are always stuck in the past, either wishing they started taking advantage of their lives earlier or wished they were back in their teenage years, their highschool or college days.

Nerd, jock, social butterfly, social wallflower. Didn’t matter. We all wished we did that one thing differently.

And I’m no stranger to that – sometimes I get nostalgic and get reminisce on my early school years.

I was a late bloomer as they call it. Acne-laden face with glasses, lost in video games and pornography until the beginning of my junior year of highschool. (I’m not afraid to say it as it is.)

I eventually got sick of the same old shit, and buckled down on fixing the problems of my life that seemed large and almost impossible. I used Aloe Vera to get rid of my acne (highly recommend it) and wore contacts.I traded the Playstation 2 for the gym, some rusty barbells, and a number on the track field. Best investment ever. And slowly but surely,  I began to see a difference in my looks and my confidence. I only seriously started talking and dating girls towards the end of my highschool year in my senior year.

Do I wish I could have made an earlier transformation? Absolutely. I can’t get those years back that I wasted, doing dumb shit and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

I fucked up. On my classes that should’ve been easy – reflected on my poor grades, on cute girls who were interested, on great decisions I didn’t make.

But make no mistake, I don’t dwell in the past.

And neither should you. We’ve all got our demons, some type of chip on our shoulder. But you need to let it be your fuel, not your handicap.

My earlier struggles were and still are the reason I’m ambitious for an amazing life. Without my previous shortcomings, I wouldn’t have worked so hard. I wouldn’t have had so many sleepless nights, thinking about what could have been.

Stick around for Part 2.

Show Up

Before all those “steps to success”, the “hacks” of life, “keys” to perfecting your lifestyle, I believe there’s one thing that needs to be there to make it all work.

You. (Thanks Captain Obvious)

What do you need to do in order for your goals to work out, let alone everything you think that should fall into place in your life?

Show up.

You can have all your to-do lists of the day, life goals, and bucketlists in the world but if you don’t show up, how can you make that possible?

You see, the concept is simple and easy enough. Yet people don’t do it. They’re given opportunities that they damn well know would skyrocket them into a new world they never experienced yet they don’t show up to take them. Showing up is half the battle.

Take this for an example – classes. You paid for them. Or maybe your parents. Or you got a scholarship/financial aid aka the school paid for them. Either way, someone had to pay the tuition. Yet, most people don’t even show up to class. Not even for at least half the class.

There were so many times that professors even gave extra credit to attend their classes. And people still didn’t show up. So by the time final grades came around and they get a 69.4, they end up with a D+. That extra credit could’ve saved their ass. Show up.

My freshman year of college, I rarely went to parties because I never felt like I was “worth” hooking up with. I was always “not at that summer body level yet” or I had midterms which I wouldn’t have studied for anyway.

My sophomore year, I hooked up with more girls that I’d ever imagine. I hadn’t attained that “gym body” or whatever. I literally looked the same, maybe even worse with my unkempt hair. So what changed? I showed up.

It’s one of the things that’s made everything in my life possible. Once I showed up, and opportunites arrived, I knew I was the captain of my destiny.

That was it. I was there, I made myself available for the opportunities. Showing up at the parties, showing up to class, showing up to networking events that people thought was worthless. (I ended up landing an internship.)

If you don’t show up, how will you know what opportunities were there at that moment? What if that was the difference between meeting a significant other or landing a dream job – and you didn’t take it? Show up.



Lying about your age to get girls

Everyone has lied at least once in their life. Lying about your wealth, lying about your sex experience, lying at an interview, lying on your resume, lying about your age. Man lies to protect himself, and to gain what he doesn’t have.

“.Mankind utilizes lying in order to protect themselves, look good, gain financially or socially and avoid punishment” – Textbook Definition

I’ve lied my whole life. Ever since my childhood, I’ve lied to manipulate people and to gain access to things I didn’t have. And I realized I was good at it. From lying about stealing candy and Gameboys in the 3rd grade to ripping people off when I was selling shoes in highschool to lying about job experience to get an even better job in college. (Yeah I’ll admit it.)

And I took it to the next level.

I lied for the purpose of sleeping with more women. Did it work? Hell yeah. Did I feel guilty? To an extent. I never felt guilty in the beginning but huge lies always caused more burdens than necessary. For the biggest lies I’ve told to women, I was always in constant fear that I would forget about my own lie or get caught.

Although I don’t recommend or condone it – but just know lying, manipulation, and deception in the dating scene comes with costs later on in life. Dark Machiavellian-type tools only used best by those who are willing to sacrifice their compassionate side. The inability to have real, passionate relationships later in life is a big thing.

If you might be a pathological liar and feel completely remorseless – more power to you, man.

But for regular guys like us, it usually comes back to bite us in the ass. What comes around goes around.

A year ago, I picked up a super cute Dominican girl from Uptown. We hit it off, but the only problem was this girl emphasized how much she ONLY fucked with older guys. So what did my ego do? I lied about my age to look the part and fulfill her requirements. Did it work, you ask?

Yup. I slept with her on multiple occasions , used her for her access to her social group. And she had a huge, nice ass apartment on the Upper West.

Now regardless of her available resources, I actually liked this girl – unlike the typical bitches you pump-and-dump in your twenties. Nah, she had such a vibrant and cute personality that I discovered later on that I was actually falling for. Fuck.

  • Mistake 1. Lying about something to sleep with a cutie.
  • Mistake 2. Not owning up to it until MUCH later. Or unless you had to because she found out. Doubly fucked.
  • Mistake 3. Not seeing other girls to maintain abundance mentality.

After the third-to-fourth month ish (can’t remember for sure), the guilt finally caught up to her and I told her. By then, the trust and relationship had already been so established that this one lie broke it all apart. Failed her shit test for sure.

Yeah, the one who got away. It’s one of my regrets yet reliefs. Why?

Regret – Lie destroyed a great relationship with a super cute Dominican girl who provided great sex, breakfast in bed, and social events with her other hot friends.

Relief – Taught me a lesson early on in my dating career rather than later about lying and trust. Also taught me that I should keep seeing other girls if it isn’t official. Otherwise, you tend to rely/depend on that “one” girl. Especially if she’s rich, super hot, has resources, etc. That’s only a supplement to your lifestyle already.

Anyway, if anyone gets into this mistake or is about to – be sure to read this. Or shoot me a message for help!


Greatness is upon us

Now that I’ve slowly gotten settled into the NYC hustle and bustle again, it’s time to make some power player moves. Stack that cash, game hot girls, and write about it. Heh.

For the summer – 2 new posts per week, every Monday and Friday. I’m also in the process of renovating this blog layout. You’ll see it sooner or later.

Let’s roll!

Summer Hustle

It’s been 6 months, aka half a year since I first wrote my 2016 goals down. Damn, it flew by fast. Let’s take a moment and reflect. Quick quick update

What I’ve accomplished so far

Dean’s List 2016

5 Pulls ( Average of 1 girl per month – Not counting month of June)

  • 1 Chinese
  • 2 Indian
  • 1 Apache Native American/Czech
  • 1 Puerto Rican

Upgraded Fashion – Completely renovated my wardrobe

Added 5 lbs of muscle, gained .25 inches in height

Practiced Spanish daily since January – My 3rd language

Future Plans

Belmar/Wildwood/Cape May Jersey Shore

Devon’s 21st Birthday Las Vegas

UK – Bahamas Cruise

NYC Summer Marathon

1 month stay with my homies at Delta @ OSU

Study Abroad Winter – Aux en Provence France

Acquire Finance Occupation

Don 2.0 Blog Site Update

Money Problems

  • Finances took a tumble this year with all the vacations I took so I’m on the rebound


A New Direction and Escaping the Noise

These past few months and especially these 2 semesters of my junior year have been the most exhausting, time consuming yet fun experiences. Although I’ve partied more, gotten amazing grades, hooked up with more girls than I ever have in my life, and created an insane social circle – I’ve also learned to avoid the noise.

After a while, shit becomes a headache and for me personally – I knew I wanted to be alone, at least for a while. I wanted the semester to be over and thankfully, it is. I needed to escape all the noise of college, social drama, politically correct assholes, a couple failed relationships of mine, and the stress of grades and work. After some self reflection, I realized if you’re not focusing on bettering yourself, you’re bettering other people’s lives while watching them live their lives on a side bench, living through them vicariously. Or worse, you’re making your life shittier.

Now that I’ve gone through certain experiences these 2 semesters, some good some bad, I’ve had a clearer vision of the direction that I want to take this blog.

I won’t go into full details yet since I still have to iron the small stuff out but it’ll all be primarily around the main 4 topics I call the four F’s. Fitness, Fashion, Finance, and Females.

Taking a Quick Break

Due to shitload of exams these next several weeks, I’ll be taking a quick blog hiatus/break until they’re over.

This is my most important semester so I can’t afford to fuck up these examinations. But after that, I will def be back with some kickass posts.

– Don

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